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About Therapy

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Deciding to seek therapy is a personal choice, but some indications include persistent emotional distress, difficulty coping with life changes, relationship conflicts, unhealthy coping mechanisms, unresolved trauma, decreased functioning, and a desire for self-reflection and personal growth. Seeking therapy provides support, guidance, and tools to navigate challenges, improve well-being, and achieve personal goals.

Addiction therapy is a specialised form of treatment aimed at helping individuals overcome substance abuse or behavioural addictions. Through various therapeutic approaches, such as counselling, group therapy, and evidence-based techniques, addiction therapy supports individuals in understanding the underlying causes of their addiction, developing coping skills, and achieving and maintaining sobriety. The ultimate goal is to assist individuals in their recovery journey, promoting long-term healing and improved well-being.

The duration of therapy varies depending on individual needs and goals. Short-term therapy typically lasts a few weeks to a few months, while long-term therapy can span several months to years. The frequency and duration of sessions are discussed and adjusted based on progress and ongoing assessment. There is flexibility in therapy duration, and regular communication with the therapist helps determine the appropriate length to achieve desired outcomes.

Family therapy for people affected by the addiction problems of other. Home Rehab Course workbook using Bibliotherapy and strength based Motivational Interviewing. One to One mentorship.

About Working With Us

What to expect from our various different treatment plans

Yes. We work with NDIS clients, offer rebates and special prices for concession card holders and pension cards.

Yes, we offer a variety of different group therapy programs working in conjunction with numerous organisations.

Yes. We can recommend different specialist based on your particular needs.

First session is 100% free of charge, there is no commitment and each treatment plan is based on the individual needs of a client.

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